Green Moscow Guppy Cost, Common Health Issues and Treatment

Symptoms: white spots on their bodies, fins, or gills. Treatment: Raise the water temperature gradually and add an aquarium salt treatment.

Symptoms: tattered or rotting fins. Treatment: Improve water quality through regular water changes and use antibacterial medication available at pet stores.

Symptoms: difficulty swimming or floating upside down. Treatment: Feed them a pea (without the skin) to help regulate their digestion.

Symptoms: unusual behavior, visible parasites. Treatment: Use anti-parasitic medications as directed.

Symptoms: swollen body, scales sticking out. Treatment: Isolate the affected fish, as dropsy can be contagious.

Problem: Guppies are prone to overeating, leading to health issues. Solution: Feed them in small portions multiple times a day.

Problem: Male guppies can sometimes show aggression. Solution: Ensure there are enough hiding places and space in the tank.

Problem: Guppies are sensitive to extreme temperature changes. Solution: Use a reliable heater to maintain a stable temperature within the recommended range