Yellow Cobra Guppy Health Problems

Signs: There may be small white spots on your guppy’s body. Treatment: To treat the white spot bugs, raise the water temperature a bit and add a special drug.

Symptoms: tattered or rotting fins. Treatment: Keep the water super clean, and add aquarium salt.

Symptoms: trouble pooping, swollen belly. Treatment: Feed your guppy a small piece of a pea with the skin removed.

Symptoms: Your guppy might swim weirdly—floating to the top or sinking to the bottom. Treatment: Fasting your guppy for a day or two can sometimes help.

Symptoms: cotton-like growth on the body or fins. Treatment: Use an antifungal medication and keep the water clean

Problem: Diseases can spread to guppies. Solution: Keep the tank clean, put new fish in a quarantine area before putting them in