Hi, I’m Naeem Bhatti


I’m the guy behind guppyslife. I made this website to help guppy lovers across how to take care of and breed their pets.

I love guppy. Since the year I was 9, I have kept guppy fish. I was given a little half-gallon aquarium by my parents, which contained three adult and 6 newborn guppies. I was immediately in love with them. I wish I had a picture of my first aquarium to show you, but alas, none exist. Apologies.

In order to share my more than 21 years of expertise and knowledge about fishkeeping in general and guppies in particular, I founded guppys.life. The majority of the information on this website is geared towards novices, although even experienced fish keepers may find some valuable tips and tricks.

I may sometimes discuss other species, but my primary concentration is on the incredible

I appreciate you taking the time to read about me.