Red Dragon Guppy: Tank Parameters, Diet And Price

Purple Dragon Guppy
Red Dragon Guppy

They are peaceful and pretty fish that come in many colours and designs. They look good in a quiet community tank or in the middle of a big school. They carry live food and fry as babies.

Many people keep guppies as pets in tanks. The red dragon guppy version is especially popular because it looks so cool. It’s easy to take care of these fish, and they are known for being busy and fun. People like to keep them in fish tanks because they make the water look nice and lively.

If you want to know more about guppies, they are a type of tropical freshwater fish.People who like fish often keep these fish in tanks because they are pretty small.People often breed these fish to get their unique colours, which makes them look great in tanks.

Size Of Red Dragon Guppy

Size Of Red Dragon Guppy

Adults are about 2.5 inches (6.3 cm) long, though females are bigger. Most purchases are at least 1 to 1.5 inches (2.5 to 3.8 cm) in size.

Keep in mind that males and females may be a little different sizes. Males tend to be thinner and have longer fins. These little fish are perfect for aquariums because they are small, and their bright red colours make any fish tank look nice. When making a home for red dragon guppies, make sure the tank has enough room and good hiding places for them to be comfortable and healthy.

How Long Does a Red Dragon Guppy Live?

A red dragon guppy usually lives for about one to two years, but this can change depending on how well it is cared for, its genes, and its surroundings. Your red dragon guppies will live longer if you take good care of them, keep their tanks clean, and feed them healthy food. Giving these bright and active fish a good home with clean water, the right tankmates, and a stress-free atmosphere can help them stay healthy and live longer. It’s important to remember that different animals have different lifespans and that they need a lot of care to live a healthy, happy life in captivity.

A Pair Of Red Dragon Guppy Fish, One Male And One Female

Red Dragon Guppy Fish Male And Female

The Red Dragon Guppy Pair (one male and one female) needs at least a 10g tank and can handle changes in tank conditions well. Harsh plants, like Java Fern and Java Moss, should be used because they can handle the harder water in the tank. Other calm fish would get along well in the tank.

When it comes to Red Guppy, the males are smaller, have brighter colours, a bigger tail fin, and an anal fin that points outward. The guppy fish have beautiful patterns all over their bodies and tails. They are green and yellow. The females are bigger and have duller colours. Their anal fins are rounder, and they have a pregnant patch on the bottom of their bodies. In an ideal world, there would be floating plants or a place for the fry to hide and be safe. Fry should be fed brine prawns, microfood, and flakes that have been broken up.

Guinea pigs are omnivores, which means they need both meat and algae from time to time. Along with freeze-dried blood worms and brine prawns, algae-based flake food will give guppies all the nutrients they need.

Multicolor Dragon Guppy

Red Dragon Guppy

Fish lovers really want the Multicolor Dragon Guppy (Poecilia reticulata), which is a very colourful type of guppy. It has different shades of violet, blue, purple, and white that sparkle like pearls.There is also a splash of colour on the females of this species.

The water column at the top is where guppies usually live, but you can see them moving and eating in the middle and bottom levels as well. They are also not afraid to jump, so they need to be kept in an aquarium with a lid, hood, or cover, or the water level must be dropped a lot. Plants won’t be hurt or eaten by them. As long as the other fish don’t know to bite the guppy’s long tail, they are safe being around them. Another safe species is the adult dwarf shrimp. However, guppies may eat shrimp fry. Larger, calmer insects can also get along well with others in the tank. The best way to keep guppies is in small groups.

The Multicolor Dragon Guppy doesn’t have a favourite food, but it will do well and stay colourful if it eats a variety of fatty foods. They will happily eat high-quality flakes, pellets, and frozen or freeze-dried bloodworms and tubifex.

Tank Parameters That Should Be Used

Red Dragon Guppy Tank Parameters That Should Be Used

  • It is between 64° and 82° F (18° and 27.7° C) outside.
  • pH: Make sure the water’s pH level stays between 6.8 and 7.8. Guppies can live in slightly acidic or alkaline conditions, but they need to be stable.
  • Minimum Tank Size: For a small group of guppies, you’ll need a tank that holds at least 10 gallons. The water is more safe in bigger tanks, and there is more room to swim.
  • Water cleaning: To keep the water clean and full of air, use a gentle water cleaning method. For guppies, a gentle flow of water is best, so pick a filter that won’t create strong currents.
  • Lighting: Guppies don’t have specific lighting needs, but they do do best with a regular light cycle of 8 to 12 hours a day.
  • Tank friends: Guppies are usually calm, so stay away from tank friends who are mean. Other peaceful community fish, like tetras and mollies, make good tank mates.
  • Quality of the Water: Check and keep the water quality factors on a regular basis, and do partial water changes (10–20%) every one to two weeks to get rid of waste that has built up.
  • KH: 10–30 dKH

Diet Of Red Dragon Guppy

Guppies eat a lot of different things, but most of what they eat are plants. The University of Lagos did a study in 2003 that showed that 79% of their food was algae. A small amount of mosquito larvae and other animal nutrients is also what they eat. Guppies don’t have a picky palate and will eat a lot of different things. However, you should make sure they get spirulina flakes, algae wafers, and other vegetables every so often.

Thoughts on Setup:

There are many places where guppies will do well. They can live in anything from a simple tank with a built-in cleaner to an aquarium with plants and water features. They should do well as long as the tank is old enough that the water factors stay fixed and there are no problems with ammonia, nitrites, or nitrates. The temperature where we keep our guppies is 79 degrees F, but they can be kept in the mid-70s to low-80s. They do best in hard, alkaline water, which is great for most people who keep fish in the US.

Price Of Red Dragon Guppy

A Red Dragon Guppy usually costs between $5 and $10. People who like aquariums like these bright and colourful fish because they look so interesting. Prices may change based on things like the fish’s size, colour strength, and where the seller is located. Keep in mind that prices can change, and the cost may also depend on how much is available. It’s best to look around at different pet stores, online tank stores, and breeders before buying a Red Guppy to get the best deal for your needs and budget. Also, making sure you take good care of and maintain your tank is very important for the health of these lovely marine animals.

The Purple Dragon Guppy Type Of Dragon Guppy

Purple Dragon Guppy

A purple dragon guppy There is a special kind of guppy fish called a guppy that is purple and has interesting designs that make it stand out. These fish are a type of guppie, which are very popular tank fish. They are small, active, and easy to care for, like other guppies. This makes them a good choice for people who are new to tankkeeping.

They stand out in an aquarium because they are purple and have dragon-like patterns on their scales and legs. They add colour and charm to the water environment. Aquarium hobbyists may find keeping Purple Dragon Guppies fun and interesting to look at. >>Read More About Purple Guppy


Finally, the Red Dragon Guppy is a beautiful and colourful fish that makes tanks more lively. People who like aquariums like this one because of its bright red colour and dragon-like designs. The attraction of these small, easy-to-care-for fish stays the same, even though the price changes (usually between $5 and $10).


What does a Red Dragon Guppy look like?

A1: An orange flame Guppy is a type of fancy guppy that is known for being bright red and having dragon-like patterns on its scales and legs.

What is the price of a Red Dragon Guppy?

The price of a Red Dragon Guppy is usually between $5 and $10, but it can be more or less based on the seller, the size, and the tone of the colour.

Are red dragon guppies good for people who are just starting out?

A3: Yes, red dragon guppies are usually thought to be good for newbies. Their small size makes them easy to take care of, and they add colour and life to tanks.

What size tank should Red Dragon Guppies live in?

Many times, a small tank (10 to 20 gallons) is enough for a few Red Dragon Guppies. Make sure the tank has good filters and that the water is changed often.

How about you? What do Red Dragon Guppies eat?

A5: To make sure they get a varied and healthy diet, they usually eat high-quality flake food, pellets, and treats like freeze-dried or live foods on occasion.

How about other fish? Can Red Dragon Guppies live with them?

A6: Yes, they usually get along with other peaceful fish species. But don’t put them in a tank with fish that are mean or that bite fins.

Do Red Dragon Guppies need any unique care?

A7: Even though they are pretty sturdy, it is important to keep their tank steady and clean and make sure they get enough food. It is suggested that water factors be checked regularly.

What store do I go to to buy Red Dragon Guppies?

A8: Red Dragon Guppies can be bought at pet stores, online tank stores, or from breeders you can trust. Check to see if the source has fish that are healthy and well-kept.

Is it easy for red dragon guppies to have babies?

A9: Yes, guppies, including red dragon guppies, are known for having a lot of babies. You could keep only one gender or set up different tanks for breeding and community fish if you want to control breeding.

Can I keep Red Dragon Guppies in a tank with plants?

A10: Yes, they can do well in a tank with plants. Live plants not only make the tank look better, but they also help the fish’s health by giving them places to hide and naturally cleaning the water.


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