Black Bar Endler Guppies Cost, Health Problems And Lifespan

Black Bar Endler Guppies

Hey there! Take a look into the interesting world of black bar Endler guppies. These cute fish are a special kind of guppy that is known for how beautiful it looks. Picture a tiny, brightly coloured fish with a smooth, long body and, as the name suggests, a black bar running across its tail. It’s like having a small watery wonder in your tank!

Endler guppies are a popular choice among fish lovers because they are fun to watch and have bright colours. The black bars give them a unique look that makes them stand out among tank fish. No matter how long you’ve had an aquarium or how new you are to it, these cute guppies can make your underwater world look more elegant.

Black Bar Endler Guppies Often Have Health Problems That Can Be Treated

Like any other pet, black bar Endler guppies can get sick from time to time. If you want these little fish to stay healthy and happy, you need to know about common problems and how to treat them. Let’s look at some basic health facts about them:

Signs: Fins that are torn or worn and changes in colour.
Treatment: Use pond salt to keep the water clean and think about antibacterial drugs.

Signs: White spots on the body and rubbing against things
Treatment: Raise the temperature a little and give the person medicine that is made for Ich.

Symptoms: Floating backwards and swimming in circles.
Treatment: Give the fish a healthy diet, don’t feed it too much, and think about giving it medicated fish food.

Signs: Behaviour changes and scratching against things.
Treatment: Take antiparasitic drugs as recommended.

Signs: Body is swollen and scales are sticking out.
Treatment: Keep the water clean, isolate the sick fish, and give them medicines.

Signs: Colour changes and feeling tired.
Treatment: Make sure the setting is good, keep noise to a minimum, and give them places to hide.

Signs: cloudy water and strange behaviour.
Treatment: The water needs to be changed regularly, filtered properly, and its factors tested.

Having Trouble Taking Care Of Black Bar Endler Guppies

Black bar Endler guppies are fun to care for, but there are some things you should know to make sure they do well in your tank. Let’s look at some easy problems you might have and how to solve them:

Problem: Giving people too much food can pollute the water.
Solution: Feed small amounts several times a day and take away any food that isn’t eaten.

Problem: Your guppies can get sick from dirty water.
Solution: For a clean environment, the water needs to be changed regularly and filtered properly.

Problem: Big changes in temperature can make the fish stressed.
Solution: To keep the temperature fixed, use a reliable tank heater.

Problem: Having too many fish can make them angry and stressed.
Solution: Make sure there is enough room and think about how big your tank is. Do not overcrowd.

Problem: Guppies can get stressed out if they don’t have enough plants or places to hide.
Solution: Add plants and decorations to make the space more comfy.

Solution: The guppies might be picked on by other fish.
Solution: Pick your tankmates carefully, taking into account how well they get along and their size.

Problem: Not paying attention to pH, hardness, and other water properties.
Solution: Check the water conditions often and make changes as needed to meet the needs of Endler guppies.

Problem: Bringing in new fish without putting them in quarantine can make diseases spread.
Solution: Put new fish in a quarantine tank before putting them in the main tank.

Problem: Not noticing changes in how you look or act.
Solution: Check your guppies often for any signs that they are sick or stressed.

Problem: They may not feel well when there is too much or too little light.
Solution: Make sure there is a regular cycle of light and dark, and think about how much light your tank plants need.

How Much Do Black Bar Endler Guppies Cost?

Black bar Endler guppies can cost different amounts based on where you buy them and how good they are. In general, they might cost anywhere from $5 to $15 per fish. Prices can change based on things like the guppy’s colour, design, and whether it comes from a reliable breeder.

The price might be a little higher if you buy a group or pairs. Also, types that are hard to find or were bred just for you might be more expensive. You should compare prices at pet stores, online sellers, or tank hobbyists in your area to make sure you’re getting healthy fish that have been well taken care of.

How Long Black Bar Endler Guppies Live

About two to three years is how long black bar Endler guppies generally live. This can change, though, depending on things like where they live, how well they are cared for, and their genes. They can live longer and better if you give them a comfortable and well-kept tank, a healthy food, and a stress-free space to live.

Female guppies usually live a little longer than boys, which is something to keep in mind. Keeping an eye on their behaviour, looks, and general health on a regular basis can help you spot any problems early on, so you can give them the right care and maybe even extend their life.

How Warm Should The Water Be For Black Bar Endler Guppies?

Black bar Endler guppies do best in tanks where the water is between 22 and 28 degrees Celsius (72 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit). They can live and grow well in this climate as long as the water stays in this temperature range. It’s important to use a reliable aquarium heater to keep the water temperature fixed, since big changes in temperature can be stressful for the guppies.

Getting The Right PH Level For Black Bar Endler Guppies

The pH level of the water in a black bar Endler guppies’ tank should be between 6.5 and 8.5. For their health, this pH range gives them a place that is neither too acidic nor too alkaline. It is very important to keep the pH in this range so that your guppies stay healthy and happy.

A pH checking kit, which you can easily get at most pet shops, will tell you what the pH level of the water is. You can use pH regulators made for aquariums to make changes if the pH level goes outside the suggested range. Keeping an eye on and adjusting the pH level on a regular basis will help keep the environment stable and good for your black bar Endler guppies.

Giving Black Bar Endler Guppies Food

It’s easy and fun to feed black bar Endler guppies as part of taking care of these colourful fish. Here are some easy rules to follow:

Pick out good food: Pick up guppy flakes or pellets of good quality from a reputable pet shop. The nutrients in these foods are meant to meet the needs of your guppies.

Different Diet: Give them a range of foods to make sure they get a balanced diet. This can be freeze-dried foods or live ones like bloodworms, brine shrimp, or daphnia. These treats are fun and healthy at the same time.

Feed little amounts: They should be fed small amounts several times a day instead of one big meal because their bodies are so small. This keeps the water clean and stops the fish from getting too much food.

Take out the food that hasn’t been eaten: After a few minutes, if you see any food that hasn’t been eaten, take it out of the tank. This keeps the water from getting dirty.

Think about vegetables: Guppies also like to nibble on veggies that have been boiled, like zucchini or spinach. You can give them these in addition to their standard food.

Do not overfeed: Too much food can hurt your health and make the water dirty. Keep track of how much food your guppies eat and make changes as needed.

Give them a well-balanced diet: For their health, a well-balanced food is very important. Seek out foods that have a range of vitamins, minerals, fats, and proteins.

Giving Black Bar Endler Guppies To Breed

Black Bar Endler Guppies

It can be fun and satisfying to breed black bar Endler guppies. Let me start you off with an easy guide:

Split up the genders: If you’re not ready to breed them yet, keep the male and female guppies in different tanks. Put them in the same tank when you’re ready for them to breed.

Give people places to hide: Sometimes, like when they’re giving birth, guppies need to hide. Give the females a safe place to stay by adding plants, decorations, or breeding boxes.

A healthy diet: Make sure that both the guys and the females are getting a healthy food. This helps them stay healthy and breed well.

Find Women Who Are Pregnant: What this means is that female guppies give birth to live fry. There is a gravid spot near a female’s tail that gets darker as the pregnancy goes on.

Separate Female who are pregnant: You might want to put pregnant females in a different tank for breeding or giving birth. This lets you keep a close eye on them and keeps the fries safe.

Giving birth: Fry are born alive after being carried by their mothers for about 4 to 6 weeks. You can leave small fry moving in the main tank or move them to a nursery tank.

Set up the nursery tank: If you use a nursery tank, make sure it has a heater, a filter, and places for the fry to hide. Feed them broken flakes or fry food that has been carefully made for them.

Changing the water often: To keep the water clean for both the adult guppies and the fry, change the water often.
Look at and enjoy:

Keep an eye on the fry as they grow. Guppies are known for having bright colours, and it’s interesting to watch how their patterns and shades change as they get older.

Other Fish That Get Along With Black Bar Endler Guppies

To keep your black bar Endler guppies happy, it’s important to put them in with fish that get along with them. Black bar Endler guppies usually get along well with the following fish species:

Tetras of neon: These little, bright fish are calm and fun to have in your tank. They like water that is similar to what guppies like.

The Corydoras catfish: These fish live near the bottom and are quiet, so they won’t worry your guppies. They keep the tank clean too.

The Platies: Platies are about the same size as guppies and come in many colours. They enjoy the same clear water and are at peace.

Mollies: Like guppies, mollies are livebearers that come in different types. Mostly, they are calm and get along well.
Fish with gouramis:

Guppies and dwarf gouramis can live together without any problems. They are brightly coloured and make your tank more interesting.

Tails of swords: Like guppies, swordtails are livebearers and like the same kinds of water. Make sure there are enough males to females to stop violence.

Rasboras the Harlequin: These small fish that school together are calm and can live with guppies, making a nice-looking community.

Danios: Zebra Danios and Leopard Danios are busy and generally calm, so they can live with guppies.

Endler Guppies are: Black bar Endler guppies are a type of Endler guppy, so they can live together with other types of Endler guppy without any problems.

What black bar endler guppies need in a tank

When choosing the right tank for your black bar Endler guppies, you need to think about what they need. This is a simple guide:

For a small group of black bar Endler guppies, a 10 to 20-gallon tank is a good size. They can swim easily when there is more room. To keep the water clean, use a soft filter. Guppies like water that doesn’t move too fast or too slowly, so pick a filter that won’t make strong currents.

The best temperature range for guppies is between 22 and 28 degrees Celsius (72 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit). Put in a heater to keep the temperature stable and cozy. Put some gravel or fine sand on the bottom of the tank. This creates a natural setting for your guppies and a spot for good bacteria to grow.

Add plants, decorations, and places to hide. Guppies like to swim through plants, and places to hide make them feel safe. Plants, real or fake, will work. Set the light and dark cycles so that there are about 10 to 12 hours of light each day. This is like their natural environment and helps them keep a healthy balance between day and night.

Check the pH, ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate levels in the water on a regular basis. To make sure your guppies are healthy, keep these in the right ranges. Since guppies like to jump, a lid or cover for your aquarium will keep them from jumping out by accident.

Pick fish that get along with your guppies and won’t bother them or beat them at their own game. Think about their size, personality, and how much water they need. To keep the water quality high, change about 20% of the water every one to two weeks. Clean the substrate by vacuuming it.

Difference Detween Male And Female

It’s pretty easy to tell the difference between male and female black bar Endler guppies. These are the most important things to look for:

Male Black Bar Endler Guppies:

  • Bright and colourful: Male guppies are usually brighter and more colourful than females. To get the attention of females, they often have bright colours and patterns that stand out.
  • Fins That Are Bigger: The fins on male Endler guppies are usually bigger and more complicated, especially the tail fin, which may have the black bar that makes it stand out.
  • Going on a trip: One of the most noticeable differences is the gonopodium, which is a modified long and pointed anal fin. This is used to mate, and females don’t have it.
  • It is more common for men to have a slimmer, more streamlined body than for women.

Female Black Bar Endler Guppies:

  • Shades of Grey: Usually, females have shades of grey that are paler than males’. Even though they don’t look as bright, they still have a certain elegance to them.
  • Fins That Are Shorter: Females’ fins, especially their tail fins, are usually shorter and less complex than males’.
  • Body that is wider: Women’s bodies are usually wider and rounder, especially when they are pregnant.
  • The female fish get a dark spot near their anal fin when they are pregnant.
  • This spot is called the gravid spot. Over the course of the pregnancy, this spot gets bigger.

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In the end, having black bar Endler guppies in your aquarium is like having a lively and colourful community of fish living underwater. Some of the best things about these little fish are their bright colours and unique patterns, and it’s fun to watch them swim gracefully. To take care of them, you need to set up their tank correctly, feed them a healthy diet, and know how they act.


How big do Endler’s black bar guppies get?

Q: How long are black bar Endler guppies? They are usually only about 1 to 1.5 inches (2.5 to 3.8 cm) long.

There are black bar Endler guppies. How long do they live?

As a general rule, black bar Endler guppies live for two to three years. Giving good care can help people live longer and healthier lives.

What do Endler’s black bar guppies eat?

A: Guppy flakes or pellets, live or freeze-dried brine shrimp, daphnia, and bloodworms are some of the foods they eat. For their health, a balanced diet is very important.

A: Can black bar Endler guppies live with other fish?

A: They can, yes. Neon tetras, corydoras catfish, platies, mollies, and other peaceful fish that need the same amount of water can live together in the same tank.

How can I tell if a black bar Endler guppy is a male or a female?

A: Males usually have more colours, bigger fins, and an anal fin with a pointy tip called a gonopodium. When they are pregnant, females may show a gravid spot and have a more subdued coloration. Their fins are shorter and their bodies are wider.

How do I get black bar Endler guppies to have babies?

A: To breed them, give pregnant females places to hide, keep them apart if necessary, and feed them a healthy diet. Fish give birth to live babies, which can be raised in a nursery tank.

What size tank should I get for black bar Endler guppies?

A small group of black bar Endler guppies can live in a 10 to 20-gallon tank. They can swim better when they have more room.

Black bar Endler guppies: Do they jump out of the tank?

A: Yes, guppies can jump, so it’s best to keep the aquarium covered so they don’t jump out by accident.

Q: Can I keep Endler guppies of different kinds together?

A: Yes, you can keep different kinds of Endler guppies together. Just make sure they need the same amount of water and watch how they interact to keep them from getting aggressive.

How often should I feed my Endler black bar guppies?

A: Give them small amounts of food several times a day. Take away any food that hasn’t been eaten to keep the water clean and stop overfeeding.


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