How Much Is A Blue Moscow Guppy?, Health And Food

blue moscow guppy
blue moscow guppy

There are male and female blue Moscow guppies for sale today at Aquatic Arts for $18.99 each.Several things affect how much a blue Moscow guppy costs, such as where you buy it and its breeding history. The price per guppy could be anywhere from $3 to $10 on average. Also, keep in mind that this is just a rough estimate. If you find some fancy guppies that come from a well-known grower or have unique fin styles, they might cost more.

If you’re lucky, your local pet store might have these cute watery friends. There are also great places to look online and with expert breeders if you’re looking for a certain colour or lineage of guppy.

How Much Does A Guppy Cost?

Name of the Product Average Price in Rs.

Male guppies of different colours for ₹35 each

30 rupees each for a female guppie

Big Ear Guppy ₹ 99 each

Mask Violet Guppy ₹ 100 each

How Long Do Moscow Guppies Live?

3.5 cm male Moscow Blue Guppy

Poecilia reticulata is its scientific name.

Number of years lived: 2

Length at most 5 cm

Min. Tank Size (L) 40

From South America and the West Indies; mostly raised for the aquarium trade in Asia

Making sure your Moscow guppies have a nice and well-kept tank, a healthy food, and that you keep an eye on their general health can all help them live their best underwater lives. It’s like building a five-star resort for your fish friends!

These adorable marine friends usually stay in the water for about one and a half to two years.

Let’s go a little further now. There are many things that can affect how long your blue Moscow guppies live, such as how well you take care of them, how clean their water is, and a little luck in the water. It’s kind of like making a cosy underwater paradise with all the right kinds of good vibes.

How Big Do Blue Guppies Get?

blue moscow guppy

Guppies can grow up to 3–5 cm (usually around 4 cm) for females and 3.5–4 cm for males, depending on their genes and the environments they live in. They are fully grown in about six months, which is why they are known for breeding so quickly and often.

Like their cousins with awesome fins, blue Moscow guppies don’t hold any size marks in the fish world. When they are fully grown, these little stars in the water are only 1.5 to 2.5 inches (3.8 to 6.4 cm) long.

Your blue Moscow guppies will be happier and healthier if they have a cosy, well-kept home with the right water conditions and a healthy food.

How Long Does A Blue Guppy Live?

About two to three years

Lives: Male Neon Blue Guppys usually live for two to three years, but if they get the right care, they can live longer. Temperature range: Neon Blue Guppies like it when the temperature is between 22°C and 28°C (72°F and 82°F).

What Do Big Fish Eat?

Guppies don’t pick and choose what they eat; they’ll even eat algae that grows in the tank. We like to feed ours a lot of different things, like brine prawns, flake foods, pellets, Easy Fry and Small Fish Food.

As long as they get a variety of foods, these fancy guppies won’t be fussy about what they eat.

For them, good flake food is a good mainstay. That will keep them in great shape. Look for something that has both protein and vegetables. You can also give them freeze-dried or live foods, such as daphnia and brine shrimp. For your marine friends, it’s like a delicious feast!

How Long Can My Guppies Live?

They will live longer if you feed them well, keep them clean, and don’t stress them out. Also, unless you get them from wild fish, guppies are mostly bred with each other these days. It is thought that inbreeding shortens life span. It’s true that breeding does hurt too.

The Best Nutrition:

Give them a healthy food. These guys need a mix of good flake food, live or freeze-dried treats, and maybe even some vegetables. Imagine that you are making a fancy menu for your VIPs who live underwater.

Happy Fish, Clean Crib:

Do not let their house get dirty. It’s important to change the water often and keep the tank filter in good shape. It’s like giving them a clean spa to relax in.

Temperature for Goldilocks:

The temperature of these guppies isn’t too hot or too cold. Keep the water in their tank between 74°F and 82°F (23°C and 28°C). It’s like discovering the ideal soft spot for yourself.

Room to Swim:

Don’t get in their way. Make sure they have enough room to swim. Fish are happy when they have room to stretch their tails. It’s like having your own cosy spot at home.

How Many kids Does One Guppy Have?

blue moscow guppy

A guppy mother can have 50 to 60 babies at a time. Mother Nature knows the fish tank is too full when she sees such a big family. Once the female guppy hears about it, she only has about twenty kids.

That’s a huge number of babies, isn’t it? It’s like these fish are like big families in the water.

As a bonus, here’s an interesting fact: female guppies can store sperm for several months. This means that they can keep having babies after just one mating session. Wow, fish are really good at getting things done!

How Many Times Can A Guppy Have Babies?

There is also menopause in guppies.

Guppies have babies about every 30 days, and they have about 20 litters over the course of their lives. The researchers found that as female guppies got older, they stopped having litters or stopped breeding for long periods of time. This meant that after a certain age, they stopped being able to reproduce.

In the days after mating, a female guppy can keep having babies without having to mate again. The best part is that they can make new batches every 30 days or so. It’s kind of like getting cute guppy babies every month!

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Are There Not Many Blue Moscow Guppies?

Tank-Bred Blue Hawaiian Moscow Guppy from the USA

Rare and hard to find, we only offer this type of guppy once every blue moon. These fish usually do better in water that is harder, but they are very flexible and can also do well in water that is softer. They don’t seem to mind the pH as long as it isn’t too high or too low.

People who love aquariums really want these beautiful guppies, which are thought to be somewhat rare. They stand out from other guppies because of their bright blue colour, unique fin shapes, and general beauty.

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Needs For Habitat and Tank


It is between 64° and 82° F (18° and 27.7° C) outside.

pH: 5.5 – 8.0.

KH: 10 to 30 dKH.

At least a 10-gallon tank is needed.

How They Eat

blue moscow guppy

Guppies don’t pick and choose what they eat; they’ll even eat algae that grows in the tank. We like to feed ours a lot of different things, like brine prawns, flake foods, pellets, Easy Fry and Small Fish Food.

Flake Food Fest:

To begin, choose a good flake food. Giving your guppies a healthy mix of nutrients, it’s like giving them food every day. Imagine it as the meal they eat every day.

Treats that are live and freeze-dried:

Live or freeze-dried treats will give them a taste of something new. If fish are special foods, brine prawns and daphnia are like that. It’s like taking your guppies to a fancy restaurant.

On the menu, vegetables:

Don’t forget the greens! Some guppies like to nibble on spinach or carrots that have been cooked. It’s like giving them a healthy meal along with their fish.

Limit the amount you eat:

Guppies like balance, just like people do. Feed them a few times a day, but don’t give them too much. With this, you can eat normally without getting too full of fish.


When it comes to having fish, the Blue Moscow guppy is like a beautiful performer in a big orchestra of water. This little fish has won the hearts of many fish lovers with its bright blue colours and graceful behaviour. As we learned more about Blue Moscow guppies, we learned not only about their beautiful looks, but also about their interesting habits, such as how often they get pregnant and what foods they like.

These guppies are very rare and have a special charm all their own. They move through the tank currents like the stars of a beautiful underwater dance. As we looked into how they eat, we found that they like a wide range of foods, from fancy live and freeze-dried treats to daily flake food feasts.


How are Blue Moscow guppies different from other fish?

Blue (A1) When it comes to guppies, Moscow guppies stand out because of their beautiful, bright blue colour. Their uniqueness is enhanced by the way they look and the flowing forms of their fins.

Are Blue Moscow guppies hard to find?

Yes, blue Moscow guppies are pretty uncommon in the tank pastime. People who like fish really want them because they are hard to find and look nice.

How many babies can a female Blue Moscow guppy have?

In a single birthing session, a female Blue Moscow guppy can have a lot of fry (baby guppies), usually between 20 and 50. Because they can keep sperm, they can make more than one batch without having to mate all the time.

Q4: How often can a Blue Moscow guppy female have babies?

A4: A woman blue About every 30 days, a Moscow guppie can become pregnant. Their ability to store sperm means that they can keep having babies for several months without having to mate again.

Q5: What should I give my Blue Moscow guppies to eat?

A5: Colour blue High-quality flake food is what Moscow guppies eat all the time. For more variety and health benefits, give them live or freeze-dried foods like brine prawns and daphnia. Some may also nibble on spinach or broccoli that has been boiled.


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