Dumbo Ear Guppy: Female characteristics And Most Nutritious Food

dumbo ear guppy
dumbo ear guppy

The Dumbo ear Guppy is one of the coolest fish out there. They have beautiful shiny colours and orange or red tails, as well as big pectoral fins that look like “Elephat’s ears.” They are easy to breed because they give birth to live young. One of our favourite guppies. If you haven’t kept one yet, now is the time.

There is a type of guppy fish called a “Dumbo ear guppy” that has big, rounded pectoral fins that look like the ears of the fictional Disney character Dumbo the elephant. These fins are located lower on the sides of the guppy’s body, which makes it look very different and interesting. The word “Dumbo” comes from the name of a famous Disney figure with big ears. Fans and producers of guppy fish often value and carefully breed for these unique features to create visually stunning and varied guppy types.

What Is A Red Tail Dumbo Ear Guppy Female?

Best4Pets has a pair of Platinum Red Tail Dumbo Ear Guppy Fish. The Platinum Red Tail Dumbo Ear Guppy (Poecilia reticulata) is a beautiful type of guppy that can be distinguished from other guppy species by its extra-large pectoral fins that look like elephant ears. This type has different shades of red, orange, blue, violet, and yellow. The females are also very colourful.

The phrase “red tail” means that the guppy’s tail is red. It’s possible for different fish to have different shades and intensities of red, and guppy fans often breed for this trait.

Dumbo Ear: As we already said, “Dumbo Ear” refers to the unique, larger pectoral fins that look like the ears of the Disney character Dumbo. Dumbo ears can be on both male and female guppies in this case, but you asked for a female.

Guppy Female: Like many other fish species, guppies have clear differences between males and females. Male guppies often have colourful and detailed tail fins, but female guppies are usually bigger and don’t have them. Guppies need females to breed, and they can have their own unique colour patterns.

What Do Dumbo Guppies Eat?

Guppies eat everything, so they like a wide range of foods. You can give them high-quality flakes or pellets as their main food. Live or frozen foods like brine prawns, daphnia, or bloodworms can be added to their diet.

High-Quality Flake Food: Tropical fish can eat high-quality flake food as a main food source. Look for foods that have a lot of different nutrients.

Pellets: Guppy pellets are specially made to give fish a healthy diet, and they often contain vitamins and minerals that fish need.

Live or Frozen Foods: Dumbo guppies do better when they eat live or frozen foods like brine shrimp, daphnia, bloodworms or mosquito larvae every once in a while. These foods have a lot of protein and can make them look better.

Food for fish: Guppies also like food that comes from plants. Spinach, lettuce and zucchini that have been boiled are some veggies that you can serve. These give you fibre and important nutrients.

Specially Formulated Guppy Food: Some pet stores sell food made just for guppy fish that meets all of their nutritional needs. These might have ingredients that make the colour better.

How Long Do Dumbo Guppies Live?

dumbo ear guppy

Length of life. Guppies live for about two years. From what I’ve seen, some species can live for three years or more.

Quality of the Water: Keeping an aquarium clean, well-filtered, and with the right water factors is very important for guppies’ health and life.

food: Giving guppies a healthy, well-balanced food is good for their general health. Their health can be improved by giving them a variety of high-quality flakes, pellets, and live or frozen foods.

The amount of stress: Stress can hurt a guppie’s immune system. Make sure the aquarium has enough hiding places and that the fish don’t have to deal with angry tank mates.

Genetics: A guppie’s existence may depend on some of its genes. The way they are bred selectively may also affect their health as a whole.

Disease Prevention: Dumbo guppies can live longer and better lives if they are regularly checked for signs of sickness and treated right away if they find any diseases or infections.

Do Guppies Sleep At Night?

Guppies like to sleep at night, just like humans do. Because they don’t move, you can tell when a Guppy is sleeping. They like to rest at the bottom of the aquarium tank on plants or decorations that give them a place to hide.

What Does The Guppy Fish Do Best?

Guppy – From Wikipedia
Even though they are native to northeastern South America, guppies have been brought to many places and can now be found all over the world. They can easily adjust to new situations and do well in a wide range of natural settings. Female guppies are bigger than males, and the tail and dorsal fins of boys are pretty.

Colours That Stand Out: Guppies are known for having colours that stand out. They are many colours, such as red, blue, green, yellow, and more. Coloration like this is not only nice to look at, but it also changes between breeds and people.

Guppies are livebearers, which means they don’t lay eggs but instead give birth to live fry. This way of reproducing is very interesting to watch, and the babies usually have a better chance of life than babies from species that lay eggs.

Adaptability: Guppies are very flexible and can do well in a wide range of tank settings. They can live in a variety of water conditions, so both new and expert aquarium keepers can use them.

Easy to Care for: Guppies are one of the fish types that people think is easiest for beginners to take care of. They are tough and can handle changes in water conditions better than some other tropical fish. They are great for people who are new to the sport because of this.

Active Behaviour: Guppies move quickly and act lively in the tank.

How Much Does Guppy Cost?

Name of the Good Most of the time, the price is Rs.

Male Guppies for ₹35 each
30 rupees each for a female guppie
Big Ear Guppy ₹ 99 each
Mask Violet Guppy ₹ 100 each

Guppies Come In Two Different Types. Can They Have Babies?

I also bred a guppy with a grey tail and a guppy with a white tail once. In two of their fry, the tails were orange, even though neither parent is orange. The father is most of the time what it is, but sometimes it’s a mix or even a new colour.

Compatible: Make sure that the guppies you want to breed are similar in size, personality, and the amount of water they need. Do not put together guppies that are violent or that are very different sizes, as this could cause stress or aggressiveness.

Picking Breeding Pairs: Pick strong, healthy people of each type of guppy. Guppies with different colours or fin shapes are often paired together to make physically appealing babies.

Setting up for breeding: Create a good place for breeding, which could be a separate tank or a well-planted area inside the main tank. This gives the pregnant female guppy a safe place to give birth and lets you keep a closer eye on the fry.

Keep in mind that guppies are livebearers, which means that the females give birth to live fry instead of eggs. Female guppies can store sperm after mating, so they can keep giving birth even if they are away from the men for a while.

Care for the Fry: It’s very important to give the fry the right care once they are born. This could mean keeping them away from adult guppies to keep them from being eaten and making sure they get enough food.

Physical Features Of The Dumbo Ear Guppy

Poecilia reticulata is its scientific name.
Coloration: silver-gray body colour, some shining, and pectoral fins that are noticeably bigger.
Expected age: about 5 years
GH = 10 to 25, KH = 5 to 20, pH = 7 to 8.5, and temperature = 22 to 28°C for water.
Tank size: 54 litres or more

Where Dumbo Ear Guppys Live And What They Need In A Tank

dumbo ear guppy

A 10-gallon tank is the best size for your guppies. Decor for a guppie’s tank is fine, but watch out for things that could get caught in their tails. Drinking water. Wild guppies like pH levels between 7.0 and 8.0, but guppies that are raised for sale can live at pH levels between 6.0 and 9.0.

Guppies need clean water that is high in oxygen. Make sure that the tanks have a lot of air flow and that the filters are cleaned often. Make sure that all of the biological filters are working right and that there is no ammonia or nitrite in the water.

Guppies can live in brackish water, but they don’t usually go there. They have even taken over some brackish areas. Most of the time, there are more of them in small streams and ponds than in big, deep, fast-moving rivers. Like their molly cousins, they can also get used to living in full saltwater.

How Do You Keep Guppies Healthy At Home?

Giving your guppies good food will help them grow and keep their bright colours. Tropical Crumb or Fluval Colour Enhancing Pellets are two small pellet foods that you should feed your guppies. As a treat, you can give them Bloodworm, Mysis shrimp, and Brine shrimp, either frozen or live, twice a week.

Grown-up guppies can go up to two weeks without food. For three days, guppy fry can live without food. But before you leave your tank for such a long time, there are a few things you should think about. For weeks, guppies can live without food as long as the water is right.

It’s very easy to keep guppies living. They’ll be happy as long as you keep the tank clean and feed them. They’ll eat almost anything and are great at getting rid of mosquitoes. Give them at least one or two friends if you can.

What kind Of Guppy Is Simple To Breed?

Yes, it is easy to breed guppies. Guppies lay eggs and hatch them. Female guppies lay eggs inside their bodies and then let the eggs hatch outside of their bodies. Still, you should be careful about raising guppy fish. First, pick a boy guppy that is fit.

You can only wait for your fish to breed now. When you see that one or more of your females are pregnant, put the male back in the main tank. Check to see if there is a dark spot on the belly of a female fish to tell if she is pregnant or not.

Guppies have babies about every 30 days, and they have about 20 litters over the course of their lives. The researchers found that as female guppies got older, they stopped having litters or stopped breeding for long periods of time. This meant that after a certain age, they stopped being able to reproduce.

A guppy’s pregnancy lasts between 21 and 30 days, but this can change a lot. The “gravid patch” or “gravid spot” is the place where the belly of a pregnant guppy meets its tail. A guppy’s colour changes slightly when it’s pregnant, and it gets darker as the pregnancy goes on.

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Elephant Ear Guppies: Are They Mean?

You can buy guppy male black elephant ears at Coburg Fish.
They are calm fish that can live with other fish in a tank. They can also live with a lot of other guppies of the same colour.

Strange Swimming: Fish often move in strange ways when they are worried. Your fish may be very stressed if he swims around wildly but doesn’t go anywhere, if he crashes at the bottom of his tank, if he rubs himself on rocks or dirt, or if he locks his fins at his side.

Strange Swimming: Fish often move in strange ways when they are worried. Your fish may be very stressed if he swims around wildly but doesn’t go anywhere, if he crashes at the bottom of his tank, if he rubs himself on rocks or dirt, or if he locks his fins at his side.


Finally, the Dumbo Ear Guppy is an interesting and one-of-a-kind type of the common tank fish. It gets its name from the fact that its pectoral fins are bigger than usual, making them look like the ears of the famous Disney character Dumbo. This cute trait gives the interest of aquariums a fun touch that makes people all over the world admire and love them.

The Dumbo Ear Guppy’s unique look shows how varied and creative the world of growing decorative fish can be. As tank keepers learn more about and enjoy the beauty of different types of guppy, the Dumbo Ear Guppy stands out as a delightful and eye-catching addition to any aquatic community.


What does a Dumbo Ear Guppy look like?

The Dumbo Ear Guppy is a special kind of guppy fish that looks different from other guppy fish because its pectoral fins are bigger and look like the ears of the cartoon character Dumbo.

Just tell me what makes the Dumbo Ear Guppy different from other guppies.

A2: The Dumbo Ear Guppy is easy to spot because its pectoral fins are too big for its body. This gives it a cute and funny look. It is different from other types of guppy because of this.

What is the meaning of the name “Dumbo Ear Guppy”?

A3: The name “Dumbo Ear” comes from the Disney character Dumbo, whose big ears made the name come to mind. This guppy type has large, distinctive dorsal fins that fit its name well.

Q4: How should I take care of a Dumbo Ear Guppie?

A4: Dumbo Ear Guppies need the usual care for guppies, like a clean tank with the right water conditions, a balanced diet of good fish food, and being checked on often for signs of illness or stress.

Q5: Can I keep other fish with my Dumbo Ear Guppies?

For the most part, Dumbo Ear Guppies are calm, and they can live with other calm fish. But it’s important to think about the size and personality of tankmates to make sure everyone gets along.

Are Dumbo Ear Guppies good for people who are just starting out?

A6: Dumbo Ear Guppies are good for newbies, yes. They can handle a lot of different conditions, which makes them a great choice for people who are new to keeping aquariums.

Do Dumbo Ear Guppies come in different shades of colour?

A7: Yes, Dumbo Ear Guppies do come in different colours, including bright colours and designs. Aquarium fans love them because they have unique fins and bright colours.


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