Red Cobra Guppy Cost, Health Problems And How To Treat Them

Red Cobra Guppy

Meet the interesting Red Cobra Guppy. It is a bright and active fish that makes tanks around the world look great. This small freshwater fish is popular with tank owners because of its bright red color and unique pattern that looks like a snake. Its fun personality and stunning looks make it a wonderful addition to any fish tank, making it a stunning show of beauty and charm.In this short article, we’ll take a look into the world of the Red Cobra Guppy and find out what makes it such a popular pet for both new and experienced tank owners.

How Much Does a Red Cobra Guppy Cost?

Red Cobra Guppy

The price of Red Cobra Guppies can change based on where you buy them and the details about them, like their colour and body designs. They usually cost between $2 and $5 each, either in pet shops or from people who breed them for fun. Some types that are hard to find or were carefully bred may cost more.

If you want to know the most up-to-date prices in your area, you should always check with fish stores, online sellers, or groups of tank hobbyists. Remember that the price may also depend on how old, healthy, and good the fish is overall.

Red Cobra Guppy Health Problems

Like any other pet, Red Cobra Guppies can get sick every once in a while. If you like fish, you should know about these typical issues and how to cope with them:

Rot of the fins:

Signs: Fins that are frayed or falling apart.
Treatment: Follow the directions for tank salt and drugs. Do not let the water get dirty so that the virus spreads.

White Spot Disease:

Signs: The fish’s body has white spots that look like salt grains.
Treatment: Slightly raise the temperature of the water and add medicine that is made to treat Ich.

A dropsy:

Signs: The body is swollen and scales are sticking out.
Treatment: Keep the water in good shape, isolate the sick fish, and give them medicines.

The Velvet Disease:

Sign: Yellow-gold dust on the skin
Treatment: Raise the temperature, add medicine, and make sure the water is clean.

Disorder of the Swim Bladder:

Sign: having trouble flying or swimming.
Treatment: Feed peas (skinned and mashed) and don’t give them too much food.

Malaria caused by parasites:

Sign: scratching against things and floating in strange ways.
Treatment: Give the fish antiparasitic drugs and put them in a confined area.

Infections with bacteria:

Signs: open wounds, tiredness, and loss of colour.
Treatment: Give medicines, keep the water clean, and keep sick fish away from other fish.
Don’t forget that protection is key. Changing the water in your tank often, giving your Red Cobra Guppies the right food, and keeping it clean can all help keep them healthy. If you see any signs of illness, you should move quickly to get the care and help that person needs.

Problems with Taking Care Of Red Cobra Guppy

Red Cobra Guppy

It can be fun and satisfying to take care of Red Cobra Guppies, but like any other pet, there are times when things go wrong. You might run into the following problems, and here are some ways to fix them:

Problems with water quality:

Problem: Red Cobra Guppies can get sick in a number of ways if the water quality is bad.
Solution: Test the water often and keep the right conditions. Regularly change the water and use a good water conditioner.

Too much food:

Problems: Guppies tend to eat too much, which can make them fat and cause.
Solution: Feed them small amounts several times a day, and don’t give them too much. Quickly remove any food that hasn’t been eaten to keep the water clean.

Tankmates who are mean:

Problem: There are fish that might act mean towards Red Cobra Guppies.
Solution: Be careful when choosing tankmates and choose species that get along with fish. Give the fish places to hide to lower stress, and watch how they communicate with each other.

Outbreaks of Disease:

Problem: Guppies can get a lot of different diseases.
Solution: Put new fish in a quarantine tank before putting them in the main tank. Keep your cleanliness up, and treat any signs of sickness right away.

Changes in temperature:

Problem: Red Cobra Guppies can get stressed out and sick when the temperature changes quickly.
Solution: To keep the temperature fixed, use a reliable tank heater. Don’t put the tank where there is a draft.

Bad conditions in the tank:

Problem: If you don’t do regular upkeep on your tank, the water quality can get worse.
Solution: Change the water often, clean the floor, and check the tools often. Make sure there is enough filtering for a healthy climate.

Too Many Breedings:

Problem: Guppies have a lot of babies, and if you don’t control the population, it can put a lot of stress on the tank.
Solution: If you want to stop mating, separate the males and females. You might want to have a different tank for raising fry.

Causes of stress:

Problem: The defence systems of Red Cobra Guppies can get weaker when they are stressed.
Solution: Handle them as little as possible, give them places to hide, and keep the surroundings steady. Do not make quick changes to the lights.
You can make a great setting for your Red Cobra Guppies by being careful, giving them the right care, and taking care of problems right away. The overall health of these bright and busy fish will improve with regular monitoring and action.

Size Of A Red Cobra Guppy

Red Cobra Guppy

It is a small fish called the Red Cobra Guppy. In general, it gets about 1.5 to 2 inches (3.8 to 5.1 centimetres) long. Their small size makes them good for aquariums that aren’t very big, and their bright colours make any tank look nicer. You should know that male guppies are usually smaller than females. This shows how cute and tiny these watery friends are.

How Long Does a Red Cobra Guppy Live?

In general, a Red Cobra Guppy lives for two to three years. Heredity, living situations, and the level of care are some of the things that can make this different. Giving your Red Cobra Guppies a clean and well-kept aquarium, healthy food, and quick medical care for any health problems can help them live longer and healthier lives. Enjoy the time you have with these colourful fish, and make sure they are in a place that is good for them.

The first Water Temperature o A red Cobra Guppy

There should be 74 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit (23 to 28 degrees Celsius) of water in the tank for Red Cobra Guppies. This range of water temperatures helps these coloured fish stay relaxed and is good for their health as a whole. A good aquarium heater can help keep the water temperature fixed and right for the fish. Remember that keeping the water at the right temperature is very important for your Red Cobra Guppies’ health and happiness.

What PH Levels Are Best for Red Cobra Guppy?

Red Cobra Guppies do best when the pH level is between 6.8 and 7.8. pH stands for how acidic or basic the water is. This pH range is good for the coloured fish’s health and well-being. For biological processes to work properly and for the happiness of the Red Cobra Guppies, it is important to keep the pH level in the tank at the right level. Regular checks and, if needed, changes will help make the environment safe and right for these colourful watery friends.

Giving Red Cobra Guppy Food

It’s very easy to feed red cobra guppies! These bright fish don’t pick and choose what they eat. You can feed them high-quality flake or pellet food made for tropical fish that is balanced. They also like treats every once in a while, like frozen or live things like brine shrimp or daphnia.

Here are some tips on making food:

Meals: Give your Red Cobra Guppies small amounts of food two or three times a day. This keeps the water clean and stops people from eating too much.

Different Types of Food: To make sure they get all the nutrients they need, make sure they eat a variety of foods. This could include flakes, pellets, and live or frozen treats every once in a while.

Watch Out for Overfeeding: Guppies may look like they’re always hungry, but it’s very important not to give them too much food. Food that isn’t eaten can pollute the water.

Things to think about if you have fry: If you have fry, break up the food into smaller pieces to make it easy for them to eat.

Fresh veggies: As an extra, some aquarists also offer boiled veggies like zucchini or spinach.

Watch your Red Cobra Guppies while you feed them to make sure they are digesting the food properly and change the amount as needed. Giving them a balanced and varied diet helps keep them healthy and bright.

Breeding Red Cobra Guppy

The process of breeding Red Cobra Guppies can be fun! These fish are known for having bright colours, and when they breed, they can make cute little guppies called fry. This is an easy guide on how to breed Red Cobra Guppies:

Pairing up men and women:

First, get a male and a female Red Cobra Guppy that are both healthy. Their fins show that they are males because the boys’ fins are generally brighter and bigger.

Setting up a breeding tank:

Set up a separate tank for breeding, or use a breeding box in the main tank. Make sure it has places for the female to hide, like plants or decorations.

Temperature and state of the water:

Keep the water clean and the temperature between 78 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit (25 and 27 degrees Celsius). Guppies like water that is a little bit hard.

Welcome the Pair:

In the mating tank, put the male and female together. To get the female’s attention, the male will show off his bright fins.

After mating, keep the female away from the male to keep her safe from stress or violence.

Time of pregnancy:

The female will carry the fry for four to six weeks while they grow. As the fry grow, you’ll see that her belly gets bigger.

Being alone or in a nursery:

As the female gets close to giving birth, move her to a nursery tank or a breeding box so that other fish won’t eat the fry.

Take Care of the Fry:

When they are first born, the fry are very small and will only eat baby food that has been powdered or crushed. You can add freshly crushed flakes or baby brine shrimp as they get bigger.

That’s in the tank for Fry.

Make sure the water is clean, and give the fry places to hide as they grow. When they are big enough, slowly move them to the main tank.
Do not forget that Red Cobra Guppies have a lot of babies, so get ready for your tank to get bigger. You can add a lot of variety to your tank hobby by breeding fish, and it’s fun to watch the fry grow.

Red Cobra Guppy Other Fish That Get Along

It’s important to put red cobra guppies in tanks with other fish that get along with them so that the whole aquarium stays calm. Here are some easy tips to help you choose fish that get along well with red cobra guppies:

Community Fish for Peace:

Choose friendly group fish that don’t attack. It’s possible for bigger fish to stress out Red Cobra Guppies, which are already pretty small.

The same size:

Pick fish that are about the same size as red cobra guppies. This helps keep bigger fish from thinking of them as food.

The Tetras:

Most of the time, small tetras like Cardinal Tetras or Neon Tetras get along well with other fish. In addition to adding colour to the tank, they are both very calm.


Rasboras, like Harlequin Rasboras, are also a good choice. They are small and calm, and they get along well with Red Cobra Guppies.

Fish with gouramis:

As long as they are not too violent, some types of gouramis, like dwarf gouramis, can be good. Make sure the tank has places to hide.

The Corydoras catfish:

Red Cobra Guppies and Corydoras Catfish live together happily because they both like to live on the bottom. They keep the tank clean, too.

Small worms:

Some smaller types of loaches, like dwarf chain loaches, can live together. But make sure they don’t make too much noise for the guppies.

Avoid fish that bite your fins.

Avoid species that bite fins, since red cobra guppies have fins that move around a lot and could be a target for fish that bite fins.
Remember to think about the size of your tank and give the fish places to hide or plants to make it a safe place for them all. Keeping an eye on how the fish act and how they connect with each other can help keep the community tank calm and healthy.

What the Red Cobra Guppy Tank Needs

Some simple tank needs will help you make a nice place for your Red Cobra Guppies to live. Here’s a simple way to set up their tank:

Size of Tank At least 10 gallons (38 litres) should be in the tank to begin with. If you want to keep more fish, a bigger tank is better.

How to filter: To keep the water clean, use a method that is soft. Guppies don’t like strong currents, so pick a filter with a flow that you can change or put it somewhere that slows the water down.

Heating device: Set up a reliable tank heater to keep the water at a steady 74 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit (23 to 28 degrees Celsius). This is good for the health and happiness of your red cobra guppies.

The Base: Put something on the bottom of the tank, like rocks or sand. Making this a natural setting gives good bugs a place to grow.

Home decor: Add decorations like rocks, plants, or driftwood. Red cobra guppies like to hide and look around in different areas. Real or fake plants can also improve the look of the tank.

Getting light: Give them light for eight to twelve hours a day. Guppies don’t need bright lights, but they do do better with a steady day-night cycle.
Conditioner for water:

There is chlorine in tap water that your fish can drink. To get rid of it, use a water conditioner. Guppies like water that is a little bit hard, so check the hardness of the water and change it if you need to.

Places to Hide: To make your guppies feel safe, give them places to hide, like caves or decorations with holes in them.Maintenance Tasks:

To keep the water quality good, change about 25% of the water every two weeks. During water changes, clean the ground and check the gear.

Compatible with: Make sure that your tankmates get along. Red cobra guppies usually get along with other fish that live in the same area.
Remember that the most important thing is to give your Red Cobra Guppies a healthy and safe place to live. A happy and healthy tank will benefit from regular care and watching.

Red Cobra Guppy Identification Of Female And Male

Red Cobra Guppies are easy to tell apart into male and female ones. Here are some things you can look for:

The male red cobra guppy is:

Colourful Fins: The males’ fins are usually brighter and more colourful, and they may have designs like spots or lines.
Fins That Flow: The dorsal fin, which is on the back, of males is usually longer and bigger than that of females.
Brighter Colours: In general, men use stronger, more noticeable colours to draw women.

The red cobra guppy female:

Shorter Fins: The fins of females are usually shorter than those of males.
Pregnant Look: If the woman is pregnant, you may notice that her belly is a little swollen, especially in the back.
Colours of Drabbers: Females tend to have less flashy colours than males. They might look more calm.

Others Types Of Red Cobra Guppy

  1. Blue Cobra Guppy
  2. Yellow Cobra Guppy
  3. Green Cobra Guppy
  4. Multi-Color Cobra Guppy

Blue Cobra Guppy

Blue Cobra Guppy

The Blue Cobra Guppy is a beautiful fish that brings a bit of blue to ponds all over the world. People who love fish love this small watery beauty because of its beautiful shades of blue and unique designs that look like cobras. The playful Blue Cobra Guppy and its bright colors make it a charming addition to any tank, making the water world look fascinating.

Today, we’re going to take a quick look into the magical world of the Blue Cobra Guppy and find out what makes it such a popular fish for both new and experienced fans.

Yellow Cobra Guppy

Yellow Cobra Guppy

The Yellow Cobra Guppy is a bright and happy fish that adds a splash of sunshine to tanks. Aquarium fans love this small watery gem because of its bright yellow colors and unique designs that look like cobras. It is known for being nice and having an eye-catching look. The Yellow Cobra Guppy adds a splash of color to any tank, making it a happy and beautiful place to be underwater.

Green Cobra Guppy

Green Cobra Guppy

Meet the beautiful Green Cobra Guppy, which is a lively and bright fish that can be found in tanks all over the world. This small fish from fresh water has beautiful cobra-like patterns and bright green colors. It adds a touch of nature’s beauty to your tank. People who like aquariums love the Green Cobra Guppy because it looks spectacular and likes to play.

Multi-Color Cobra Guppy

Green Cobra Guppy

The Multi-Color Cobra Guppy is a beautiful fish that can be found in tanks all over the world. Aquarium fans love this small,,,, watery gem because of its beautiful mix of colourssss and unique designs that look like cobras. The multi-color cobra guppy makes a beautiful and exciting underwater show because of how lively and bright it looks.


Keeping Red Cobra Guppies in your tank can be a fun experience in the end. With their bright colors and lively personalities, these small, colorful fish will add a lot of life to your tank. You can make a beautiful underwater home for them by giving them the right climate, care, and maybe even the chance to try the exciting world of breeding. The Red Cobra Guppy’s charm will make your tank hobby more fun and colorful, no matter how long you’ve been doing it or how new you are to it. Have fun keeping fish!


What size tank should I get for Red Cobra Guppies?

Red Cobra Guppies should have a tank that is at least 10 gallons. A bigger tank is better if you want to have more fish.

Question 2: What do Red Cobra Guppies eat?

Red Cobra Guppies can eat flake or pellet food made for tropical fish that is of good quality. Aside from that, they like treats like frozen or live things like brine shrimp.

Q3: How can I tell the difference between a Red Cobra Guppie male and a female?

The fins of males are usually brighter and more colorful, while the fins of females are usually shorter. Women who are pregnant may also have a slightly swollen belly.

How hot or cold should the water be for Red Cobra Guppies?

For Red Cobra Guppies, keep the water between 74 and 82 degrees Fahrenheit (23 and 28 degrees Celsius).

How about other fish? Can Red Cobra Guppies live with them?

Actually, Red Cobra Guppies are pretty calm fish that can live with other calm fish like tetras, rasboras, and some types of gouramis.

Q6: How long do Red Cobra Guppies stay alive?

Red Cobra Guppies usually live for two to three years, but this depends on how well they are cared for, their genes, and where they live

Q7: How do I set up a tank for Red Cobra Guppies to breed?

Make a different tank for the female with places for her to hide. Introduce a male and watch how they mate. Once mating happens, keep the pregnant female away from the fry to protect them

How hard is it to take care of Red Cobra Guppies?

Red Cobra Guppies are usually thought to be good for beginners. They can do well in tanks if they get the right care, have a good place to live, and pay attention to the water quality.

Q9: Can I keep Red Cobra Guppies in a tank with other fish?

Red Cobra Guppies can live in community tanks, but it’s important to pick friendly tankmates and make sure there are lots of places for them to hide.

I have Red Cobra Guppies. How often should I feed them?

Red Cobra Guppies shouldn’t eat too much, so feed them small amounts two or three times a day. Quickly take out any food that hasn’t been eaten to keep the water clean.


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