Yellow Cobra Guppy Health Problems And How To Treat Them

yellow Cobra Guppy

Thanks for coming to the amazing world of Yellow Cobra Guppy! A lot of people who like aquariums choose these bright and active fish. Yellow cobra guppies are really bright and fun to have in your fish tank. They have beautiful yellow colours and patterns that look like cobras.

They are small tropical freshwater fish that like to play. They are also pretty easy to take care of, making them a great choice for new and experienced fans. In this introduction, we’ll look at what makes Yellow Cobra Guppies unique, find out where they like to live and learn how to keep these cute fish happy and healthy in your tank.

Yellow Cobra Guppy Health Problems and How to Treat Them

Cobra in Yellow Guppies can get sick sometimes, but don’t worry—it’s not as hard as it sounds to take care of them. Simply explain a few common health issues and how to treat them.

This is White Spot Disease:

Signs: There may be small white spots on your guppy’s body.
Treatment: To treat the white spot bugs, raise the water temperature a bit and add a special drug.

Fin Rot:

Symptoms: tattered or rotting fins.
Treatment: Keep the water super clean, and add aquarium salt. If it’s serious, a specific medication may be needed.


Symptoms: trouble pooping, swollen belly.
Treatment: Feed your guppy a small piece of a pea with the skin removed. It can help with digestion.

Swim Bladder Issues:

Symptoms: Your guppy might swim weirdly—floating to the top or sinking to the bottom.
Treatment: Fasting your guppy for a day or two can sometimes help. If it persists, a special medicated food might be needed.


Symptoms: cotton-like growth on the body or fins.
Treatment: Use an antifungal medication and keep the water clean.

Problems with Taking Care Of Yellow Cobra Guppy

Taking care of Yellow Cobra As with any pet, guppies can be fun, but they can also be hard to take care of. Here are a few common issues you may have and how to solve them:

Giving too much:

Guppies are very small and can easily eat too much, which can be bad for their health.
Feed them little bits several times a day. Limit what you give them to what they can eat in two to three minutes.

Not very good water:

Problems: Your guppies can get sick in dirty water in a number of ways.
Solution: Change about 20 to 30 percent of the water every one to two weeks and use a good water conditioner to get rid of dangerous chemicals.

Terrible Tank Mates:

Problems: The problem is that some fish can be mean and make your guppies feel bad.
Solution: Be careful when picking tankmates. Peaceful fish, like guppies, get along well with each other. Look for signs of stress, and if you need to, separate fish that are acting aggressively.

Shifts in temperature:

Problems: Guppies like it when the temperature stays the same, and quick changes can stress them out.
Solution: To keep the temperature steady, use a heater. Do not put the tank in places that get draughty.

Breakouts of Disease:

Problem: Diseases can spread to guppies.
Solution: Keep the tank clean, put new fish in a quarantine area before putting them in, and watch out for any signs of sickness. If needed, treat right away.

Lack of Places to Hide:

Problems: Guppies need places to hide, just like any other fish.
Solution: To make hiding places, add plants, decorations, or holes. They feel safe because of it.

Too many babies:

Problems: Guppies have a lot of babies, and having too many can make them stressed.
Solution: If there is too much breeding, you could separate the males and females or give the fry more places to hide.

The Size Of A Yellow Cobra Guppy

Yellow Cobra Guppy

Puppies called yellow cobras are not very big fish. In general, they get about 1.5 to 2 inches long. They’re about the size of a paperclip. They are small enough to fit in smaller aquariums, and their bright colours can still make your fish tank very interesting.

How Much Does a Yellow Cobra Guppy Cost?

Where you buy Yellow Cobra Guppies can change how much they cost. You might be able to find them for about $3 to $5 each. It’s possible for certain types of fish or fish from trusted breeders to cost a bit more, maybe $10 or more per fish. To get an idea of the prices in your area, you should talk to pet shops, online stores, or other fans. Remember, these cute little fish are often worth the money because they make your tank fun.

How Long Does a Yellow Cobra Guppy Live?

Like most guppy species, Yellow Cobra Guppies live for about 1.5 to 3 years. Quality of the water, what they eat, and how well they are cared for all can affect how long they live. Giving your Yellow Cobra Guppies a clean and comfortable home, a healthy food, and quick medical care for any problems can help them live longer and better lives. You should enjoy your time with these bright and active fish.

How Warm Should the Water Be for a Yellow Cobra Guppy?

Yellow Cobra Guppy

Cobra in Yellow Temperatures that are like a warm tropical trip are great for guppies. It’s best to keep the water in their tank between 72 and 82 degrees Fahrenheit (22 and 28 degrees Celsius). These bright friends stay healthy, happy, and busy with this range.

What PH Levels Are Best for Yellow Cobra Guppy?

The water should have a pH level between 7.0 and 7.8 to keep your Yellow Cobra Guppies happy. For these lively little swimmers, this area is like a sweet spot. It helps keep their tank stable and comfortable so they can show off their bright colors and fun personalities. You could think of it as creating the best environment for marine life to be happy and healthy.

Giving Yellow Cobra Guppy Food

All you have to do to feed your Yellow Cobra Guppies is make sure they get a healthy food. These animals don’t have food preferences. You can feed them a mix of good guppy flakes, pellets, or even grains that are only for guppy fish that you can buy at pet shops. It’s the same as giving them a tasty and healthy spread.

Do not forget that balance is important. Several times a day, give them small amounts. Only give them what they can eat in two to three minutes. If we feed our Yellow Cobra Guppies too much, they might get stomach problems. We want them to be happy and healthy.

Breeding Yellow Cobra Guppy

Yellow Cobra Guppy

Having Yellow Cobra Guppies as pets can be fun and beneficial. It is known that these little fish have a lot of babies. Here’s a simple explanation of

How they have their babies: You’ll need both male and female guppies, of course. Males are usually brighter, and females are a bit bigger. When they’re ready to have kids, the females have a dark spot near their tails called a gravid spot.

Amorous Behaviour: A man will do some amazing things to get a woman’s attention when he’s in the mood. There are dance parties in the water!

When the pregnancy will happen: The female will get pregnant after a good love dance. The time of pregnancy is usually between 3 and 4 weeks.

Fries got here: She will give birth to live fry when the babies are ready to make their appearance. Guppies might look like little, tiny fish moving around.

A place to hide: To keep the fry from getting eaten by the adult fish, it’s a good idea to add some plants or hidden places to the tank.

Splitting up (optional): To make it more likely that the fry will make it, you can put them in a different tank or a breeding box until they get a little bigger.

Other Fish That Get Along With Yellow Cobra Guppy

Making friends for your Yellow Cobra Guppies is like making their watery world a happy place to live. These bright friends usually get along well with these fish:

Platies: Platies are nice fish that come in many colours and are friendly. They will make your tank look more interesting.
Moolies: Moolies are calm, and their many colours and forms make for a lively mix.
Cardinal: Cardinal or neon tetras can be great tankmates because they are small and calm.
Corydoras Catfish: Fearsome Corydoras catfish are cute fish that live at the bottom of the tank. They help keep it clean and usually get along with guppies.
Dwarf gouramis: Dwarf gouramis are calm and bright, so they get along well with guppies.
Swordtails: Swordtails look a lot like guppies and give the tank a unique look.

Needs for a Yellow Cobra Guppy Tank

Making the right space for your Yellow Cobra Guppies to live is like making a cosy retreat. To keep your fish friends happy, here are some simple things that your tank needs:

Size of the Tank: A 10-gallon tank is fine for a small group of guppies, but if you have more, you might want to get a bigger tank so they have plenty of room. To keep the water clean, put in a soft filter. It’s just right for guppies—not too calm or too rough. Guppies like it warm in the tropics, so set the heater to 72 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit (22 to 28 degrees Celsius) to keep the water warm.

Put some plants and other things around it. For guppies, hiding places are fun, and they make the tank look like a bright, watery paradise.
Choose a smooth material for the tank’s bottom. A good material that is easy to clean is gravel or sand. Put on a soft light. Fish don’t like it when it’s too bright or too dark. For them, it’s like making the right atmosphere for their underwater world.

Quality of the water: Pay attention to things like pH, ammonia, and nitrate amounts in the water. About 20 to 30 percent of the water should be changed every one to two weeks to keep the quality high. Guppies like to jump, so a tight lid is a good idea to keep them from jumping out of the tank by mistake.

Differentiating Between Male And Female Yellow Cobra Guppy

Figuring out which Yellow Cobra Guppies are male and which are female is a lot like telling a fun love story. Simple instructions are given below:


Showy Colours: Men tend to be more lively and bright. They want people to notice them, so they’ve used bright colours and unique patterns.
Males’ fins are generally longer and more complicated than females’. Their tail might be bright and flowy, like a work of art.
If you look at them from the top, you can see that their bodies are a bit thinner.


Look for a dark spot near the back of the woman’s belly. This is the gravid spot. When she is pregnant, this “gravid spot” stands out more.
Less Showy Fins: The fins of females are usually less showy and shorter. To put it simply, they look a little less flashy.
Wider Body: Females may look a little bigger from above, especially when they’re carrying fry (baby guppies).

Others Of Yellow Cobra And Guppy Fish

  • Red Cobra Guppy
  • Blue Cobra Guppy
  • Green Cobra Guppy
  • Purple Cobra Guppy

Red Cobra Guppy

Yellow Cobra Guppy

These little fish add a touch of brightness to your tank, like tiny flames of color. The bright red colors and beautiful patterns that look like cobras make Red Cobra Guppies a sight to see.

Think about a group of these lively fish moving smoothly in a tank, making a sight that would please anyone who saw it. Whether you have an aquarium for a long time or are just starting out, the Red Cobra Guppy is sure to charm you with its beautiful look and friendly attitude.

Blue Cobra Guppy

Blue Cobra Guppy

A Blue Cobra A guppy is a small, brightly coloured fish that you can keep in a tank. Their unique colour is a beautiful blue that looks like the sky on a sunny day. They also have patterns on their bodies that make them look a bit like the hood of a cobra. As part of their care, you need to keep the water warm, give them a healthy diet, and make sure they have nice tank mates.

Green Cobra Guppy

Blue Cobra Guppy

Keep the Green Cobra Guppy, a small, brightly coloured fish, in a tank. The unique thing about them is the beautiful green colour that looks like the bright colours in nature. Also, they have patterns on their bodies that make them look a bit like the hood of a cobra. This gives them a beautiful and unique look. As part of their care, you need to keep the water warm, give them a healthy diet, and make sure they have nice tank mates.

Purple Cobra Guppy

Purple Cobra Guppy

A Purple Cobra A guppy is a small, brightly coloured fish that you can keep in a tank. Their uniqueness comes from the beautiful purple colour that makes you think of rich silk or royal jewels. Also, they have patterns on their bodies that make them look a bit like the hood of a cobra. This gives them a beautiful and unique look. As part of their care, you need to keep the water warm, give them a healthy diet, and make sure they have nice tank mates.


In conclusion, every type of Cobra Guppy adds a different kind of beauty to your tank, whether it’s the bright reds, soothing blues, cool greens, or royal purples. With their cute colors and patterns that look like cobras, these little fish make your tank a lively and fun place to be underwater.

Taking care of them means keeping the water warm, giving them good food, and making sure they have a nice place to live. Not only are you taking care of fish, but you’re also making a live work of art in your home.


Q: How often should I feed my guppies?

Feed your guppies small amounts 2-3 times a day. Give them only what they can finish in about 2–3 minutes.

Q: What’s the ideal temperature for guppies?

A: Guppies prefer water temperatures between 72 and 82 degrees Fahrenheit (22 and 28 degrees Celsius).

Q: Can different types of guppies live together?

A: Yes, most guppy varieties can live together peacefully. Just avoid pairing them with aggressive or fin-nipping fish.

Q: How do I know if my guppy is sick?

A: Watch for signs like changes in behaviour, loss of appetite, or unusual spots on their bodies. If in doubt, consult a vet or a knowledgeable aquarium expert.

Q: Do guppies need a heater in their tank?

A: Yes, guppies thrive in warm water, so a heater is recommended to maintain a stable temperature in the aquarium.

Q: How long do guppies live?

A: On average, guppies live around 1.5 to 3 years, but proper care can influence their lifespan.


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